Email campaigns and newsletter Using E-Newsletters More Effectively

Email newsletters are hotter than ever before in medical marketing. After reviewing business trends and talking to key market leader physicians we are convinced more than ever that newsletters are vital to your marketing program.

Newsletters are great extensions to your communication toolkit and offer your clients an excellent channel by which they can reach potential and existing customers. Having an email newsletter is a very effective method of collecting information from your prospects. If you do not have an email newsletter then you are missing out on a very effective medium for turning your prospects into customers and your customers into lifetime prospects. No matter whether you sell a product, a service, or earn revenue through advertising you can benefit by having a newsletter.

“ In ophthalmology we often talk about…vision for life…how can you market vision for life and not use e-newsletter marketing? “ Michael Dobkowski…Glacial Multimedia Inc.



Glacial Multimedia specializes in medical search engine optimization for industries such as ophthalmology, dentistry, dermatology and radiology. After we optimize your website and conduct a complete search engine positioning campaign, we maintain our work to ensure long-term rankings.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most exciting aspects of new media marketing or simply Internet marketing. In today's world if you are not easily visible on search engines such as Google and Yahoo, you simply do not exist for many people. SEO is the gateway to opening your possibilities in the new world of Internet marketing. Search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing have become powerhouses capable of delivering business right to the doors of medical practices. If you can rank in a favorable position on these search engines, you will definitely see an increase in your overall web traffic and patient volume.

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