EyeDoctor Review It is easy to get lost in the multitude of review websites that exist on the internet. From complex biography sites to simple review sites that you have no control over, it is difficult to keep track of what sites to pay attention to. EyeDoctorReview.com is a simple and user friendly review site specifically designed for those in the eyecare profession.

With EyeDoctorReview you are as actively involved as you choose to be. You can create your own doctor biographies or leave it up to us! Our intent is to make the information more personal so your patients become familiar with the less clinical side of your doctors. Either way you will have complete access to the information in the website to change as you see fit.

    Reviews are allowed in three different ways –
  • 1) A user, someone who has signed up to be a member of the site.
  • 2) Someone who has come to the site merely to post their one time review but fills out simple information whereby their name is attached to the review.
  • 3) Anonymous where the reviewer merely leaves their review with no information about themselves attached.

Each review is of course reviewed for appropriate content before being posted. Unlike other review sites however, EyeDoctorReview will not choose sides between a reviewer and a doctor. There is a simple and easy process by which a reviewer and practice may resolve any conflict and have the review removed or have it stay.

EyeDoctorReview is a simple and effective review website designed for ease of use for both a practice and their patients. We encourage you to talk to a representative today!




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