MDidentity Your online presence may not be as exciting or positive as you think it is. Often your name might be mentioned in a small little corner of the web in a not so nice way. Slowly that mention starts to spread and infect the reputation you have worked so hard to build. The next thing you know you have an identity problem. While your reviews might be positive, they are not gaining they attention they deserve because of this small little issue.

Enter MDIdentity.

MDidentity will automatically scour the internet assisting you in performing a content analysis of your mentions, and generate a sentiment analysis, separating the negative and positive reviews, making "social media crisis management" and your overall reputation easier to manage. Whether it’s a small mention or many high profile ones with MDIdentity you know exactly what is being said about you every day. MDIdentity is a hands on software tool that works with you to determine where your strengths and weaknesses lie on the world wide Web. With comprehensive reports on every aspect of your practice's online reputation, as well as cutting edge tools to help you engage with your fans, you will be able to optimize your online presence.




MDprospects is a web based software tool designed for medical practices to manage leads, maximize patient conversion rates and increase revenues. With MDprospects, you can centralize all marketing channels by tracking email and phone inquiries from every source, including your website, landing pages, patient/doctor referrals and traditional media advertising. Once the leads are captured, MDprospects makes it easy to communicate and nurture them with its email marketing feature and task management system. Then to gauge your successes and weaknesses, MDprospects offers customized performance and conversion reports so you'll know exactly how your investments are paying off.

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