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Internet Marketing Consultants

So you’ve had this Client Manager from Glacial Multimedia calling, emailing, sending messages in a bottle to reach you… what the heck are they doing? Why are they bugging you? They seem relentless.

Maybe you’ve asked yourself why, or maybe you haven’t given it a second thought.

In the past, our Client Management team have been the ones helping you with website edits, answering questions, selling and building your websites and addressing concerns for many years. The incredible growth of Glacial over the past 2-3 years has allowed us to evolve the department to better serve our client base. We have officially changed the title “Client Manager” to “Internet Marketing Consultant.”

Change is scary. We get that. So what is staying the same?

You still have a dedicated member of the Glacial team to keep an eye on you (pun intended). We’re still here to help you with those website edits, troubleshoot any issues and see how your weekend went!

Ready to hear the changes?

Well, a lot of things have changed, and we believe these changes are in your best interest! We are keeping up with you more often and honestly want to know how things are going at the practice. The Consultant Team is actively working to stay up-to-date on the most recent internet changes and with that, we are going to keep you informed. We’re analyzing your account, services and even your competition.

Our goal is not for you to spend thousands per month with Glacial, although we’d be happy to help with that. Our goal is to help you get to your goal, whether that is just building a website or fully dominating your region. Consider your Internet Marketing Consultant as an extension of your practice.

Don’t worry – You have more than a one man – or woman – team backing you up. Glacial is keeping true to the original structure with a team of Specialists supporting both our clients and our Internet Marketing Consultants. We’re a united front keeping you ahead of your competition.

Next time you hear from your Internet Marketing Consultant, let them know about new marketing ideas you have, events you’re hosting, worries you may have and, of course, the monotonous (but important) website edits.