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LASIK Website Design

Glacial Multimedia is an IMA award-winning LASIK website design company that has been creating LASIK websites since the year 2000 and has more collective experience in the industry than any other design firm in the field. Many aspects of LASIK websites have changed over the years but our commitment to quality design and strong functionality are the same as ever. If you are seeking a quality custom-designed website, created by a company that understands the eye care practice, then you have come to the right place. We provide custom solutions for the eye care practice that desires to have a custom website tailored for the needs of the practice and its potential patients.

IMA 2014 -2015 Award Winner


Excellent creative design talent with 2014 and 2015 Interactive Media Awards in Health Care Design

“The design talent here continues to set the standards for our industry.”
Glenn Campbell, MD – Advanced Vision Institute

The Design Side

Design aspects of websites, especially for LASIK eye care practices, have been widely underutilized. Patients need to have a positive, high-tech experience with an eye doctor that will be using lasers to correct their vision through surgery. Maxim Havlicek is an award-winning Art Director for Glacial Multimedia with a unique eye for art and what looks good. His 20 years of experience in design put him as one of the industry’s top veterans. Maxim has been designing LASIK websites for over 13 years and lectured on the topic of design principles at the 2011 Las Vegas MIMS (Medical Internet Marketing) Symposium.

The Functionality Side

Our websites are built using a hybrid combination of elements unlike any other company that focuses on making websites. Some our of unique technology involves the use of:

  1. AJAX for minimizing homepage content and making our designs more minimal. This is something you will not find in WordPress templates.
  2. HTML 5 slideshows for making a presentation and engaging patients in the spots where FLASH used to be used. FLASH design has become obsolete and is no longer applicable. We do possess some excellent FLASH talent if this is required for a project.
  3. CSS – Cascading Style Sheets enables quick design changes without updating each page in some cases.
  4. CMS – ALL our websites come with a proprietary content management system. If you would like to have your custom website coded in wordpress we can do that too!
  5. Javascript – javascript is primarily used in our drop down menu work.
  6. PHP database coding – Our company is focused on PHP database development for forms and software related to websites. We go beyond other companies to make calendar systems, OD portals, employee portals, secure forms, and more. If you need complex programming, this is a core competency that enables us to possess a significant advantage over the competition.

What goes wrong with LASIK websites? LASIK websites typically suffer from the following problems :

  1. Overcrowding – jamming too much into the homepage.
  2. Silly marketing gimmicks – this is surgery and vision care. We are not selling cars here.
  3. Bad design – make your design the most beautiful and intriguing in your marketplace.
  4. Poor font selection – ironically, many websites focused on eye care utilize fonts and typography that hurt to look at.

What is NEW with LASIK website design?

The latest and greatest concept in website design for LASIK eye care practices is the new responsive website design revolution. As a result of the various levels of mobile device demands websites are now forced to adapt to ever-changing screen resolutions. Whether you use an Iphone, Ipad or Laptop computer your website should be able to adapt to fit the screen at any resolution no matter what device is calling it.

We now can produce LASIK websites that adapt to a smart phone, tablet or computer. Responsive website design will be making its way as a standard for eye care practices of all shapes and sizes over the next 2-3 years and will become a standard for the eye care website industry. The rise of mobile phone technology, the expansion of social media at the GEN-Y level and the fast pace society make it essential to provide answers when needed or your practice will simply not be an option.