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Social Media Management

Social Media – The Social Media Buzzsaw

Social media integration continues to be important for a solid online presence. Today, there are literally more forms of online marketing than there is with traditional marketing. Social media is now one of them and can have impact both in terms of visitor action and brand awareness for your practice. Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are the most popular social media sites. A lack of presence on these social media websites is no longer an option for businesses. Quite frankly, your website visitors will expect this presence. When getting started with social media it is important to develop a clear direction and overall vision at your practice. Allocation of resources on the practice level versus the amount of work outsourced should be paramount in this conversation. Many practices reserve the day-to-day posting activities internally while outsourcing the more technically challenging areas such as blog, YouTube or application interfacing.

Social Media Maintenance…Making it ALL work

This phase will involve the maintenance for growing your social media presence. In Phase 2 your practice or social media partner will be in charge of managing the ongoing process of building your subscriber base.

  • FaceBook Page Promotion
  • Blog posts
  • Announcement posts
  • Photo Uploads
  • Traffic Reporting
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Facebook page development
  • Facebook advertising management
  • Twitter page development
  • LinkedIn page development
  • Google+ page development
  • Pinterest page development
  • FlickR page development
  • Custom Facebook Application development
  • Video submissions and proper tagging procedures to YouTube
  • Applying medical practice Social Media Marketing
  • Post regular, engaging content to social media sites
  • Monitor social media sites, reputation management, and regular engagement with followers
  • Integrate social media sites with medical website

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Loden Optical Ad Sample

Minnesota Eye KAMRA Social Ad Sample

Minnesota Eye KAMRA Ad